Our First Adventure

This section covers our first big adventure in Bessie.  We had let out our home, and loaded up Bessie for full-time living.  We started our travels in the UK for 3 months, then went South to France and Spain for a further few months.  Whilst we were away in Spain we got ourselves a job back in the UK working as Site Assistants on a Camping & Caravanning Club site - so returned to the UK in March 2009.

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The Bit Before

The Launch & First 2 Weeks (Dorset, Devon & Cornwall)

Weeks 3&4 (Somerset, Hampshire and return visit to Worthing)

Oxfordshire (and our lovely River Thames)

Salisbury etc.

Finally, Bon Voyage

Pause for Thought (or in our case 'paws')

France (Heading South)

Spain (Heading South)


Spain (Heading North)

France (Heading North)

Simon's Fishing experiences from this adventure

Back in Blighty, and our 'Thoughts on The Adventure'

The Map

What Next?


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